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    • “The training staff at Senture successfully executed on the 2010 Census Call Center program. Nancy Workman’s professionalism and expertise gave me complete confidence that this mission-critical training program would be implemented flawlessly. Nancy not only met my expectations – she exceeded them!”

      Healthcare Company

    • I wanted to share with you the results of a survey HP conducted with the business owners who have recently used the FSD Help Line. HP randomly surveyed 30 of Senture’s callers between March 14th and 18th. I am happy to report that Senture’s FSD team delivered a perfect score, receiving 100% positive feedback. “In my 20-years experience, Senture is the most self-motivated and professional team I’ve had the pleasure of working with…”

      Enterprise Services QA Lead

    • “The agents did a really good job of explaining why the Veteran received the dialer call and they also explained the forms very clearly. They also nicely recapped what was needed at the end of the call, which at first concerned me about opening the door for more questions, but I then realized the value in doing that quick recap – nice touch. The new greeting is terrific – kudos to whoever it was that suggested the change – it gets right to the point and the agents all sound natural in using it…. the agents did a great job promoting the website – keep that up!”

      Consultant Veterans Affairs

    ...and many other satisfied customers!