Outbound Contact Center

Building Loyal Connected Relationships.

Outbound Marketing…Profitable Results, Satisfied Customers.

Count on Senture’s Outbound Services to Build Loyalty, Reduce Competition.

Gone are the days when Contact Centers simply took incoming customer service calls. Today, in an age of fierce competition, leveraging the power of multichannel touchpoints is a must for engaging with customers and prospects who, need we remind ourselves, have multiple social media platforms at their fingertips to post their experiences with your product or service. By initiating outreach to customers and leads, on the channel of their choice, will not only help profits but, more important, make them feel appreciated. Senture’s multichannel B2B and B2C outbound services help you show customer loyalty and project a positive brand image.

Senture Supports.

  • 100% U.S.based agents rapidly follow up contacts via multichannel touchpoints (phone, email, social media monitoring, IM chat, IVR, etc.)
  • Agents are available 24/7 to answer questions and follow up on issues the customer may not have had resolved initially—from technical support to product recall
  • Agents know product or service functions inside out and can provide resolutions to the initial customer contact and develop the trust factor to convert leads into sales
  • 7 Contact Centers/~3,400+ workstations let us handle ~15+ million calls a year

 Senture Delivers.

  • Acquisition of new customers, retention of existing customers
  • Generation and qualification of leads, conversion of interactions into sales
  • Rapid scripting modifications
  • Dedicated tollfree numbers
  • Clientspecific sales training
  • Flexible scripts that ensure/guarantee consistency and reduced talk time

Our Outbound Sales Services.

  • Outbound B2B
  • Outbound B2C
  • Outbound Nonprofit
  • Outbound Political Calling
  • Outbound Lead Generation
  • Outbound Sales
  • Outbound Appointment Setting

“I just wanted to pass along how pleased we are with Melinda.  She is conscientious, professional, competent, and responsive to agency needs and its mission.  She is top notch in our book and we appreciate you putting your best on our project/contact center.  Wish we had a dozen more just like Melinda!  Thanks!”

~Federal Government Client

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