Message from the President & CEO

It’s All About Our People.

They Motivate Us to Make Sure Our Clients and Strategic Partners Succeed.

Our people make a difference day in, day out … by their enthusiasm and can-do attitude, their commitment to treating every interaction respectfully, their tenacity in solving tough problems, their pride in satisfying the customer. They are the heartbeat of Senture and give our clients and strategic partners the truest insight into our operating philosophy.

Today, too many organizations take a pass on one of the most important drivers for delivering results to their customers—the people doing the work every day. In driving a project to successful conclusion, the people on the front lines are often treated like a commodity to be shuffled in and out with little, if any, impact on the results trying to be achieved.

“Mr. Deaton and his entire staff— management and agents included—live out their values in everything they do.  They are passionate about people and excellence.  We regularly heard the phrase, “It’s all about the people.”  But more than being heard, it was tangible throughout their call center.”

~Healthcare Client

We use the same equation for success, but with a very different take on the variables to achieve that success … we emphasize our people, rewarding their hard work for our clients and celebrating their achievements. We see this view of success as a differentiator that sets Senture apart from a crowded marketplace of competitors. And we live it because it’s the right thing to do.

Thank you for considering Senture. We hope you find our website helpful because we tried hard to make it reflect our values, passion, and commitment to a strong future for American business. Our clients and strategic partners appreciate these beliefs because they work. And if we’re fortunate enough to earn your business, they’ll work for you, too.

Chris Deaton,
Senture President & CEO

Few other Contact Centers match the education, experience, and skills of our people. They make every contact count—from complex customer care issues and proven sales acquisition models to lead generation and technical support.

“They truly make us feel like a family, not just another number or cog in the machine. The owner and President are very personable and will speak to you whenever they see you. Upper management leads by example and are always very encouraging. They really do encourage employees to have fun and to enjoy their time at Senture.”

~Senture Employee

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