Senture’s labor markets are opportune to support our rapidly growing business. With unemployment over
12.1% in London, Kentucky and 15% in Ocala, Florida, we enjoy both an adequate available labor pool and
recruiting environment to facilitate growth. In addition, the geographic area we serve—southern Kentucky—is
also home to some of the nation’s largest customer care contact center companies, including: ACS, Vangent,
Computer Science Corporation, HSBC, DataTrac, and SAIC. Over 4,000 CSRs are currently employed in the
region. As a result, over 62% of Senture’s staff has at least two years’ experience; however, our average
CSR has five years experience in call center support and customer care experience. Being the local
“employer of choice,” Senture typically has a pool of qualified candidates on file. Senture’s application-tohire
ratio is 32:1—only 13% of those who meet requirements for an interview are hired. The relevance
is that Senture is careful about whom it hires since there is an expansive, experienced labor pool from
which to draw.
Senture has a full-time recruiting team to ensure a solid pipeline of qualified applicants. The first step
in recruiting is to determine the agent profile and develop a job description. Once this has been
done, a client-specfic skills test will be developed and administered to applicants. Senture utilizes
the Predictive Index (PI) personality profiling system to help ascertain if the candidate has the
personality and behavioral traits needed to perform on a particular client’s application. This system
allows Senture to develop a personality pattern that is conducive to each job position based on the
job description.